Simon’s Elixir of Life

We have a rather excellent supermarket in Grasse called Leclerc who stock one of the best selection of wine bottles I have ever seen in my life. Not only that, they stock the most amazing range of rosé wines and it is there that we would find a fantastic rosé labelled Pink Floyd – a wine our friend Simon Moxley loves to bits.

Over the years, whenever he came to visit us in France or we’d visit him in the UK we’d buy a couple of bottles for him and he’d literally be in 7th Heaven at the thought of tasting it again.

So prior to his recent visit, yours truly dashed over to Leclerc to buy a couple of bottles of Pink Floyd. There were none. Zilch. ‘Must have sold out’ I thought. He too drove over there a few days later, hoping to buy a case full. Still nothing on the shelves.

Could we find it on the internet we wondered? And we did and discovered that it is issued from one of the most historic domaines of Provence: Château Miraval. We also discovered that the  Château, winery and extraordinary vineyard was rented by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (if you’re a wine-buff you’ll enjoy reading this article by Elin McCoy) and that this particular rosé is now just made for export. Which is fine if you live outside of France – which Simon does.

But a man weeping into his hankie after driving over 900 miles to enjoy his favourite tipple is not a pretty sight. What could I do? And then yours truly had a brain-wave. Off I drove to the tiny hamlet of Plascassier and popped into their Super-U supermarket. There they stock a sublime wine grown from a small vineyard in Mougins, Vigne de Pibonson, that produces a gorgeous rosé (cuvée Nicolas) and a delicious white (cuvée Christopher).

The day, and evening and Simon’s holiday were saved!

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