Some Sad and Some Better News

Disaster struck yesterday when one of Nigel’s cat (Ginger) killed 4 of Mrs Duck’s babies. I know it was him because I caught him in the act,  having been alerted to something serious happening by Mrs Duck’s insistent squawking. I buried three little bodies but couldn’t grab the one he had in his mouth. I am gutted. The problem of course is that she’s been showing them ‘the garden’, waddling around with her brood in tow who, now a little stronger, are whizzing off in all directions exploring everything. Their bravery cost them their lives.

On a happier note we have a Moorhen nesting in the reeds lovingly looked after by hubby Moorhen. This morning I thought I’d take a photo of the lake to show you how it looks before I start my long labour of love and turn it into something very special for the wildlife visiting our garden. Once outside I realised I had the wrong lens on my camera (telephoto) but in fact this turned out to be happy error as I captured Mr Moorhen bringing new nesting material for Mrs Moorhen. Not a brilliant photo but you can see the little reed in his beak!

More ‘baby’ news as we have a couple of Jackdaws nesting in one of our chimney tops. They’ve been a funny couple, falling down our chimney in the early days of nest building. This caused great excitement with the dogs (not to mention the cats) as we’d find one of the Jackdaws perched on a picture frame with soot scattered everywhere. The poor things fell down four times before they got the bottom of the nest right. Cleverly, with their nest so close to the house they’re sneakily taking advantage of the most excellent of bird tables that a kind lady (me) fills with all manner of nice treats every morning. Bed & Breakfast at its best I’d say!

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