Caught In The Act

I think I mentioned a few days ago that we have the odd visit of a Muntjac or two in our garden. They’ve always been fleeting visits with little time for me to grab the camera and take a photograph but yesterday, luck was with us as we spied him the other side of our lake nibbling away on the young green shoots on our Weeping Willows.

I’ve often wondered if we don’t miss half the wildlife that come into our garden due to the way the house is positioned: for a great view of the lake you need to be in kitchen. On the other hand it means that the kitchen is rather like a hide and we can spy on visiting creatures without them seeing us.

Yesterday was extra special as it was the first time in quite a while that we had some evening rays of sunshine. The last few days were filled with monotonous rain, heavy downpours accompanied by hailstones, high winds and claps of thunder. Truly Spring in all its glory!

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