Just Born Ducklings

It’s been a busy time here at Belaugh. Christmas and New Year happily celebrated with family and friends and then filming (and editing) a few winter weddings (which you can read all about on Alice Barker Images).

January and February went past in a blink of an eye, as did March, but April slowed down enough for me to sit and think how I was going to sort out the different parts of the garden and of course the lake. With so much wildlife (okay, mainly birds, ducks and the odd Muntjac or two) visiting our garden it seemed a natural step to make it as wildlife friendly as possible – with one proviso – I’d only plant British native plants and make it as bee friendly as I could.

This is when the internet is so wonderful! Sat warmly indoors well away from inclement English weather, I crawled this remarkable tool looking for wildlife plants specialists. I particularly liked The Wildflower Shop, Popular Plants and Burncoose Nurseries where I found exactly what I was looking for – after reading two super books: Gardening for Butterflies, Bees and other beneficial insects by Jan Miller-Klein and The Bee Garden by Maureen Little. As you can imagine, with 5 acres and the lake to contend with, I shall quickly become one of their favoured customers . . .

And with Spring comes babies! Mr & Mrs Duck have just been blessed with 17 gorgeous baby ducklings who are now discovering the delights of playing and paddling around in water. I’ll keep you all posted on their progress.

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